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NBI COVID-19 Pandemic Response


The National Business Initiative (NBI) works towards sustainable growth and development in South Africa through responsible business action. We were launched in 1995 by former President Nelson Mandela, initially to support the new democratic government. Our membership encompasses approximately 100 leading South African corporations and multi-nationals. We have a strong record in both thought leadership and project implementation, and prize our positive relationships with government amongst our greatest assets.

The NBI has made a distinct impact and managed collective action projects in the spheres of:

  • Housing delivery and local economic development
  • Public sector capacity building
  • Crime prevention
  • Further education, training and schooling
  • Energy efficiency and climate change

We also played a catalytic role in establishing the Business Trust and Business Against Crime, as well as high level programmes such as the Joint Initiative on Priority Skills Acquisition (JIPSA). The NBI has a proud history of incubating successful collective action.