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Committed to Communities

As SAB, we looked for opportunities to partner with government and be a leader in the fight against COVID-19. We heeded government’s call to come together and help others through these uncertain times and be a beacon of positivity and hope. We realised that we could do more, to not only benefit us as a company, but each and every one of our partners across South Africa. It’s our responsibility to help restore economic activity, to save jobs and ensure the livelihoods of our people. We have been doing all we can to achieve this.

SAB’s hands-on approach to assisting local hospitals with hand sanitizer

Johannesburg, 22 April: The South African government continues to put in every effort to protect the nation against the virus. Now more than ever the private sector has stepped up to help flatten the curve in the fight against this pandemic.

The demand for alcohol-based sanitiser has continued to sky-rocket in the face of this pandemic. The South African Breweries (SAB) has adapted its operations to address the shortage of hand sanitiser. The sanitisers SAB have been able to produce contain 70% alcohol, which is exactly what the healthcare sector is in dire need of.

Taking up the call from government we have now reached our goal of SAB delivering 100 000 bottles of sanitiser.

According to Zoleka Lisa, VP of Corporate Affairs at SAB, “the health and safety of our people remains our number one priority and we are committed to helping the government in any way we can. SAB has for the last 125 years formed a part of the fabric of South Africa, and have through the nation’s triumphs and challenges stood behind it. In this time of uncertainty, what we know for sure is that we need to show our commitment to South Africa in any way we can.”

“This decision was an easy one for us. We want to be part of the solution and in the absence of a vaccine, we can use our voice, our network and capabilities to assist with encouraging good hygiene practices, and ensuring, – as far as we can – the safety of the frontline health workers who are fighting this pandemic,” Lisa continued.


SAB uses innovation to help shield healthcare workers from COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced people from around to world to unite against the pandemic. Not only does this put pressure on an already delicate health system, but people at the forefront of the fight are put at risk. Ensuring that these heroes are supported is vital to fighting the virus.

SAB responded to the Health Department’s request for donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves for frontline workers by donating 100 000 face shields made of recycled beer crates. According to Zoleka Lisa, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at SAB, “This is a humanitarian, social and economic pandemic which requires a joint effort from all sectors to step up to help the fight to flatten the curve.”

Lisa says, “COVID-19 has not changed our values as a business. We have spent more than 125 years bringing South Africans together through beer and believe that we can ensure the safety of South Africa and its people by protecting our future together.”


SAB echos the call for measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

SAB understands the need for and is in support of Government’s measures to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Among the various measures that have been put in place the state has communicated that all establishments that sell liquor, including bars, clubs, shebeens and restaurants, must close at 18h00 on weekdays and Saturdays, and 13h00 on Sundays and public holidays. These regulations apply to liquor stores as well.

The health and safety of our colleagues, business partners and consumers are our priority. We will be supporting our customers in adhering to these regulations as they are intended to support the state in dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic and adhere to the guidelines laid out by the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation to help minimise the spread of COVID-19 and most importantly, protect all our partners across the board.


One Nation One Beer

For 125 years, the Castle Lager brand has been at the forefront of bringing South Africans together. The golden liquor is often referred to as the national beer of our beloved South Africa, based on the fact that is homegrown.

More than the brand being truly South African, Castle Lager truly encompasses everything South African, it is a brand that has showcased the ability to unite the melting pot of cultures within the various community in South Africa for a common cause. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, it is befitting for a brand that is truly South African to support the people of South Africa and rally behind the nation that has done so for the brand for over a century.

The brand that you have been rallying behind for 125 years, the brand that has earned its stripes as the national beer and a brand that represents national unity and friendship. Castle has always supported the national teams, and during the COVID crisis we are now rallying behind a new national team (the team on the frontlines against COVID) . We are playing our part in ensuring that South Africans overcome this pandemic so that South Africans can come together again in the future.

The brand that speaks to unity understands the importance of collaboration and working together for the greater good and that every act count. For this reason, the brand is donating R7 million Rands to the Solidarity Fund which will create a ripple effect towards flattening the curve and ultimately overcoming the pandemic.

The brand is utilising an associated base product, industrial alcohol, to create a product which is essential towards breaking the deadly chain of COVID-19 transmission – sanitizers.


#NOEXCUSE introduces an innovative way to get help during lockdown

While South Africa’s government and all its essential care providers are hard at work leading the fight against Covid-19, civilians are in another battle against Gender Based Violence. Statistics show that during the national lockdown period, reported cases of Gender Based Violence have spiked from less than 1500 to over 5000 per week.

This spike has rightfully raised the ire of government and civic organisations, and prompted a response from various organisations, including Carling Black Label’s #NoExcuse initiative.

“Our new approach is a WhatsApp service where people can send the word ‘BRAVE’ to 0800 150 150 and get in touch with the right organisation to get the help they need. We will also be partnering with other corporate entities, government departments as well as affiliates such as Takuwani Riime and the Men’s Sector to grow awareness of the service and remove barriers to getting assistance. Whilst #NoExcuse has always encouraged victims to be brave and report immediately, there are other socio-economic problems that need to be considered.

Given the various circumstances people find themselves in during the lockdown, it is difficult for victims of abuse to call for help and also stops men who are ashamed of showing weakness from reaching out. So, the text-based service will enable them to silently send a text for help, without being detected.” Concluded Rust.


Stella Artois sounds a rally call to save SA’s restuarants and bars

In a bid to spark a movement that could potentially save hundreds of restaurants and bars across the country, Stella Artois has launched an initiative to support the industry in a real and tangible way during lockdown.

As our economy plunges to ever-new depths and analysts predict the worst recession of our lifetimes, one of the industries hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been the food and beverage industry. With most restaurants and bars having already been brought to their knees by social distancing regulations that began even before the national lockdown, and with these kinds of regulations likely to extend long after the lockdown ends, the ongoing livelihood of hundreds of thousands who rely on these businesses to survive is under threat.

With little practical or immediate relief in sight for most restaurants and bars, Stella Artois, has launched the #SaveYourSpot initiative that aims to put much-needed financial relief into the hands of these businesses right away.

Stella Artois has created an online platform where consumers can buy a voucher to their favourite local restaurant or bar. Not only will this money go directly to the business, but Stella Artois will add an additional 50% of the value of each voucher.

“This initiative is born out of a genuine love for our restaurants and bars. It’s a love we share with most South Africans who are famously sociable and gregarious the world over. It’s a movement that we hope will eclipse our own involvement, reminding the public that when we come together to savour life and support what we cherish, we can make a big difference. By buying a voucher to #SaveYourSpot, you’re investing in the good times that still lie ahead – you’re investing in hope,” Vijay continues.

Stella Artois looks to invest R1.5 million, which (together with the amounts consumers pay toward their vouchers) effectively translates to a much-needed R4.5 million cash injection into the food and beverage industry. After the 50% incentive bonus runs dry, Stella Artois has committed to still oversee and run the online platform, in the hopes that a movement toward rallying for our restaurants and bars will continue. They will thus continue to facilitate the purchasing of vouchers and their value being transferred directly to the outlets they relate to.

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