NBI COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Dear USB community

We have entered a critical phase in attempts to curtail the spread of the coronavirus in South Africa. You have received information on how we had to adapt our original plans to continue with our academic programmes. The situation has compelled us to suspend our activities until 16 April, with a review as we proceed.

My sincere thanks to the many USB and SU teams for the hard re-planning work of the last two weeks.

However, in these unprecedented and trying times, it is our character that is at stake.

  • We are called to show physical character by caring for ourselves with specific focus on vulnerable people, and engaging in responsible conduct when interacting with others despite the limitations on our movements.
  • We are called to show financial character by using the best possible business acumen in curtailing costs, changing our operating models, and acting with restraint and patience in a disoriented market.
  • We are called to show social character by foregrounding the common good and taking a collective stand in fighting the spread of the virus.
  • We are called to show moral character by strict abidance to public rules in a state of emergency, avoiding fake news, and exuding a spirit of hope for the future.

More than ever, we are one community.

Prof Piet Naudé