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The Green Book provides access to information in support of the COVID-19 response

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa, the Green Book is providing access to information to assist with risk and vulnerability mapping and analysis.  The team has created vulnerability indicators in support of identifying high-risk areas in our country, considering health susceptibility and transmission potential.

The information provided includes:

  • Population distribution.
  • Informality hotspots.
  • National economic vulnerability.
  • National socio-economic vulnerability.
  • Neighbourhood level socio-economic vulnerability.
  • Health susceptibility and transmission potential.

Together these sources of information are able to support decision-makers to better understand the factors that increase transmission potential in communities, consider the susceptibility of individuals and communities to be adversely affected by the spread of COVID-19, and to identify the communities that are most at risk and where response measures can be prioritised.

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