NBI COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Mzansi’s biggest producer of alcohol beverages, The South African Breweries (SAB) is proud to unveil its collective response to supporting the fight against Covid-19 by helping to shield our heroes on the frontline of our defence as well as those most vulnerable during the lockdown period.

The SAB’s efforts are undertaken by some of its beer brands as well as through its Corporate Affairs division, with the sole aim of lending a helping hand and using our resources to improve the lives of those in our community.

The SAB has therefore instituted a number of initiatives aimed at doing good for the community during this pandemic. The first of which sees them make use of their resources to aid in the manufacturing and delivery of hand sanitisers to the health department. The SAB’s access to alcohol, manufacturing plants, distilleries as well as an extensive fleet and route network puts them in a great position to help out in this regard and to date, they have donated over 100 000 units of bottles as promised. They have also pledged to donate 40k litres of alcohol for the production of additional sanitisers for hospitals in areas that are most impacted.

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