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We Mean Business

We Mean Business is inviting hundreds of companies and investors to create a low-carbon revolution.


We Mean Business is a coalition of organizations working with thousands of the world’s most influential businesses and investors. These businesses recognize that the transition to a low carbon economy is the only way to secure sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all. To accelerate this transition, We Mean Business have formed a common platform to amplify the business voice, catalyze bold climate action by all, and promote smart policy frameworks.

The National Business Initiative (NBI) is the regional partner to We Mean Business, providing important linkages with South African businesses and policy makers through years of experience working on climate change with business.  Climate change is a universal challenge but the risks and opportunities for business as well as the appropriate policy responses are always moulded by regional context and it is for this reason that We Mean Business has developed strong local partner networks including in Brazil, India and China.

As the local partner of the We Mean Business network, the NBI represents many of South Africa’s most prominent companies who have signed up to a range of commitments, pledging their strong support for a low-carbon future. For more infomration on the various commitments, please click here.

Why take action

We Mean Business gives companies and investors a common platform to act and be recognized for bold leadership on climate change. Companies can commit to one—or all—of a set of innovative and practical climate initiatives, and they can work to scale low-carbon solutions to meet specific technology challenges to tackle climate change. 

Together, these commitments – all of which are automatically fed into the UNFCCC’s NAZCA platform– will make a huge positive impact. Throughout the coming year, We Mean Business will send a strong signal to governments and policymakers that businesses and investors all over the world are taking action and want smart climate policy that will scale solutions and help deliver a more prosperous and resilient future.

We Mean Business is providing companies that join the campaign a range of opportunities to be widely recognized for their leadership and be actively engaged in global climate change policy developments throughout 2017.

If companies would like to sign up they can email Steve Nicholls:

Reitumetse Molotsoane

Reitumetse Molotsoane

We encourage companies to commit to one or more of these initiatives.


Investors can take action by making one or more of these commitments


Companies can get involved in large-scale, low carbon technology initiatives.



The NBI’s latest report: A New Climate of Risk – How South African Businesses are Adapting to Climate Change, discusses how South African companies are being impacted by climate change, the barriers they experience in implementing adaptation planning and the positive progress they are making.

A New Climate Of Risk: How South African Businesses are Adapting to Climate Change

July 2017

The National Business Initiative (NBI) in Partnership with We Mean Business (WMB) recently produced a series of business climate action videos featuring some of South Africa’s leading CEOs and Sustainability Executives. View them here.


Public Seminar: Understanding Science Based Targets for GHG Emission Reductions – October 2016

Science Based Targets Setting - Overview and methodological approaches

Jaco du Toit

Technical overview of Science Based Targets

Dr Susie Wood

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