Private Sector Energy Efficiency Programme (PSEE)

Launched in December 2013 with funding from the UK Department of International Development (DFID) and support from the national Department of Energy and the Carbon Trust, the PSEE concluded its activities on 30 November 2015. Over the two years of its existence it identified close to 6 000 energy saving opportunities with the potential to make a significant difference to the energy demand in South Africa through its work with more than 3 500 small, 900+ medium and 37 large companies.

While the PSEE is in a hiatus due to changes in funding, the NBI is exploring ways of working with our National Government in continuing to provide the services of the PSEE.

Please view below a video on the achievements of the PSEE and access the brochure providing an overview of and key learnings from the programme.

Contact details for enquiries about the PSEE or information on the NBI’s broader portfolio of activities: Tel: 011 544 6000 or Email:


PSEE Brochure
YouTube Channel

PSEE Publications

The PSEE Project published a series of publications with unique solutions to various energy management challenges for businesses across an array of sectors. The unique opportunities we provide with our projects are relevant to businesses of all sizes.

Retail Energy Management: New profit Centre for Retail Businesses
Guide to Energy Efficiency Finance in South AFrica
Refrigeration Systems: Guide to Key Energy Saving Opportunities
Energy Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Controlling Energy Use
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Building Controls: Realising Savings through the use of Controls
Better Business Guide to Energy Saving: Introducing Measures to help Organisations save Carbon
How to Conduct a Walk-Around Energy Survey
Food Preparation and Catering: Increase Carbon Savings without Compromising on Quality
Energy Surveys: A Practical Guide to Identifying Energy Saving Opportunities
An Introduction to Energy Management
Chemicals Sector: Introducing Energy Savings Opportunities for Business
Manufacturing: Introducing Energy Saving Opportunities for Business
Making the Business Case for Energy Efficiency
Further and Higher Education: Training Colleges and Universities to be Energy Efficient
Food and Drink Processing: Introducing Energy Saving Opportunities for Business
Lighting: Bright Ideas for Efficient Illumination
Compressed Air: Opportunities for Business
Hospitailty: Saving Energy without Compromising Service
Motors and Drives: Introducing Energy Savings Opportunities for Business
High Temperature Industry: Introducing Energy Saving Opportunities for Business
Green your Business for Growth: How Adapting a Green Growth Strategy can give your Organisation a Competitive Edge
Office Based Companies: Maximising Energy Savings in an Office Environment
Process Heating: Introducing Energy Saving Measures for Business
Office Equipment: Introducing Energy Saving Opportunities for Business
Hospitals: Health Budgets through Energy Efficiency
Schools: :Learning to Improve Energy Efficiency
Creating an Awareness Campaign: How to Increase Uptake of Energy Efficiency