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CDP Water

South Africa



The NBI has partnered with CDP to distribute and analyse the CDP Water information request since 2010. This request is sent to selected companies within the 100 largest companies by market capitalisation on the FTSE/JSE Africa All Share Index. The companies selected operate in those sectors that have the greatest impact on, or that are significantly impacted by, water resources.

The water information request asks companies to disclose their response to water-related risks and opportunities throughout their value chain and works to drive changes in company behaviour to improve water performance and enhance data quality. It also provides a means to recognise leaders in water management.

It is clear from consistent responders that companies who do investigate water risk tend to invest significant capital and effort into integrating water into governance structures, strategy, risk management and mitigation processes. We therefore believe that reporting is a critical first step in water stewardship and encourage all non-disclosing companies to improve the quality of their reporting and join the CDP Water program.

Please note: in 2015 the NBI changed the way that we make CDP water data and analysis available. We no longer produce a full, long report, but rather a short executive summary, supported by infographics that visually communicate the core messages. The summary report and infographics complement a CDP online platform that enables you to interact with the data and draw your own lessons and conclusions.

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