The CEO Water Mandate

In 2016 the NBI formed a new partnership with the CEO Water Mandate, with the partnership focusing on supporting corporate action on water in Southern Africa. Since its formation in 2007, the CEO Water Mandate has worked to assist companies to address global water challenges – in the process the Mandate has been a leader in developing the concept of corporate water stewardship and socialising it with a growing group of companies.  Key CEO Water Mandate tools include the Water Stewardship Toolbox and Water Action Hub.

The overall objectives of the NBI’s partnership with the CEO Water Mandate are to

  1. Assist South African-based companies in undertaking better water practices
  2. Help drive and facilitate collective action on water
  3. Showcase good stewardship practices, including those that tackle national and regional water challenges

For further information please contact Alex McNamara.

Corporate Water Stewardship in support of the Water-Related SDG’s, July 2016

Presentation: Alex McNamara

CEO Water Mandate and Water Stewardship

Presentation: Jason

The Global Water Stewardship Landscape and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Presentation: Barbara

The SDGs in Relation to Sustainable Development and Water in South Africa

Presentation: Lindiwe Lusenga, DDG International Water Cooperation, DWS

Rooting the SDG the Policy Framework in South Africa and Charting a Course for the Future

Presentation: Muzi

Aligning Company Practice with the Water-Related SDGs

Presentation: Emela Mochubele, Exxaro

Aligning Company Practice with the Water-Related SDGs

Water Stewardship and the Water-Related SDG’s in South Africa

Key Workshop Outcomes

CEO Water Mandate and Water Stewardship – Outcomes