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Our Vision:

A South African business community contributing actively to social and economic transformation by creating jobs and economic opportunities and that identifies and addresses internal and external transformation challenges in order to ensure equity within the workplace and an organisational culture appropriate to this; as well as addressing the relationship between business and the rest of society in order to achieve increased equity.

Our objectives are to:

  • Collectively craft a vision of a transformed South Africa and jointly identify priority areas for action within corporates and between corporates and society broadly;
  • Collate and share company best practice and key learnings;
  • Provide the means to assess progress in contributing to transformation; and
  • Support companies in implementation of strategic, innovative programmes to drive transformation.

The NBI’s Transformation Programme designed to support and facilitate a deeper and more comprehensive level of social transformation and economic inclusion by the private sector. The programme engages with both the role of business in addressing our core socio economic challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment and will also address key internal transformation issues in corporates, including inter alia issues of equity in relation to race, gender, age and leadership.

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Approaches to Economic and Social Transformation
Transformational Leadership for Change