Catalyst Solutions are global leaders in identifying and securing novel funding solutions including grants and tax incentives that enable businesses to innovate and grow. As part of the VAT IT group, Catalyst Solutions is on the forefront of global tax efficiency and business optimisation. Our deep industry knowledge has been acquired over many years of partnership with leading multinational corporations and industry bodies.

We help our clients become more effective at taking advantage of opportunities and realising material savings. We employ dedicated specialists assisting clients with operations and resource efficiency (including carbon related reporting, environmental taxes, compliance and measurement and verification).  

The services that we offer from a carbon, sustainability and resource efficiency point of view are summarised below.

Operations and Resource Efficiency

Companies are faced with rising energy and water prices, supply shortages and increases in natural resource taxation and regulation. It is within this environment that Catalyst provides companies with solutions aimed at reducing cost, securing supply and ensuring regulatory compliance. More specifically, we act as trusted advisors to companies on environmental policy, ensuring that they remain compliant with all existing regulation and are prepared for new regulation. We also help companies to quantify and reduce their environmental impact. We focus specifically on energy, carbon, water and waste.

Measurement and Verification

Measurement and verification is an essential part of the project cycle. It is required to quantify the savings realised from any energy or water efficiency and/or GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission reduction project. Catalyst has a team of highly specialised Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVPs) and Certified Energy Managers (CEM) who assist companies in measuring and verifying savings from planned or implemented projects.

Catalyst is one of a few companies accredited by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) to perform measurement and verification of energy savings. This accreditation is required when preparing and signing off applications for the energy efficiency tax incentive, section 12L. Catalyst performs all measurement and verification in accordance with the South African National Standard (SANS) 50 010 for the measurement and verification of energy savings and the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). All measurement and verification is also performed in line with our Quality Management System which ensures we act independently and impartially and the services delivered are of a high quality.

We also assist companies in preparing measurement and verification plans and conducting measurement and verification of carbon, water and waste, in addition to energy.

Carbon Reporting

Catalyst also assists companies with environmental reporting. We understand that companies are faced with ever increasing reporting requirements. We are also familiar with the challenges around reporting and the need to be accurate and transparent. Our team assists companies to respond to the Climate Change, Water and Supply Chain Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). We also help companies to report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and to meet their environmental reporting requirements under the King Code. Catalyst engages with policy makers to understand forthcoming reporting requirements and we work with companies to prepare them for these requirements.