Edcon is South Africa’s largest non-food retailer. The Group has been in operation for more than 80 years and has expanded its footprint to include over 1100 stores through different  store formats.

Economic and social transformation in South Africa is an evolving, emotive, complex and fluid issue, with social and environmental trends impacting and re-shaping societal attitudes and the way business operates. Edcon’s integrated transformation model allows each of its operating divisions to build decentralizes social change projects that are aligned to the business, while driving social inclusion and sustainability.

The responsibility towards the integrated development and upliftment of communities, while pursuing business objectives remains a key a commitment to contributing towards making a sustainable difference. We adopt a sustainable approach to corporate social investment, enterprise development and environmental issues as outlined in the model below:

This integrated transformation model part of Edcon’s Transformation strategy. Edcon is committed to make a positive impact and sustainable difference in the lives of individuals, families, communities and society.   Our aim is contribute to social inclusion by investing in the quality of life of people in the areas in which we trade and invest, as well as our employees and customers communities.

We make financial and non-financial strategic investments and contributions that have social, environmental and economic value (people, planet, profit) and have a shared benefit for both communities and our business. This idea of shared value is underpinned by our group brand positioning –“Living Value”.