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News from the NBI’S Transformation Programme

Companies that have more balanced representation of women in management, senior leadership and the board have better financial performance, show increased organisational efficiency and higher employee job satisfaction, according to Accenture. Despite this, women’s representation at these levels remain alarmingly low. In addition, women are paid less, according to StatsSA in South Africa, 23% less than men. This disparity is a result of a range of complex issues affecting women in the workplace and society. The NBI’s Transformation Unit is implementing a study to determine a meaningful and efficient methodology for the calculation of the gender pay disparity. This project falls under the Presidential Jobs Summit Framework Agreement and aims to encourage companies to measure and improve pay ratios between men and women, and in so doing, re-think how to create inclusive organisations that understand and nurture the value of diversity. Please contact: Gugu Mclaren-Ushewokunze to find out more information or to participate.

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