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Technical Assistance, Mentorship And Development (TAMDEV) – Latest News:

Technical Assistance, Mentorship And Development (TAMDEV) is a Jobs Summit Business intervention whereby experienced retired and/or semi-retired individuals from the private sector support Government in the improvement of service delivery through the offering of technical assistance and mentorship. The importance of the TAMDEV programme was recently highlighted by the President at the BUSA Business Economic Indaba held last week, where he prioritised the need to strengthen the “capacity and capability of the State”. NBI’s previous call for Business to support this much needed programme resulted in a number of our members volunteering their time and resources to assist municipalities becoming functional. Companies who rely strongly on a functional municipality have incorporated the TAMDEV programme in their upliftment projects to ensure sustainability and a return on their efforts. TAMDEV is committed to partner with you in turning around our municipalities. To get involved, please contact: Ruth Troskie.

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