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The NBI’s Social Sustainability Unit

THE NBI’S SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY UNIT through the Pathways to Employability Programme, facilitates meaningful industry/college partnerships aimed at enhancing the responsiveness of TVET college curriculum to industry needs and increasing access of college graduates into the world of work. Against this backdrop, the NBI continues to implement structured placement programmes in the construction, engineering and hospitality sectors to demonstrate an approach and methodology for industry/college partnerships designed to producing work-ready youth in areas of innovation and where growth is anticipated.

The following projects are planned for the first quarter of 2018:

  • a study on addressing systemic challenges in the skills pipeline for the manufacturing sector (in partnership with Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) and the Manufacturing Circle),
  • an audit of youth employment initiatives driven by business: developing a framework to track and monitor employer investment in youth employability (in collaboration with BUSA),
  • towards college reform: building a model of industry/TVET college partnerships that allows for scalability and sustainability, recognising the capacity and resource challenges in the colleges and current realities and constraints in the industrial sector, given the current state of the economy (in partnership with Confederation of Danish Industry); and
  • phase two of Lecturer Workplace Exposure in Tourism and Hospitality.

Kindly contact Cecil Macheke for further details on the NBI’s Social Sustainability Unit.

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