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Twenty-one Journalists to Attend EJN Net Zero Workshops in Johannesburg and Kolkata

As countries make ambitious pledges to reach net zero in the next few decades, robust media coverage of government’s actions to achieve their climate goals will be key. How quickly are countries like India and South Africa shifting away from fossil fuels? To what extent are they expanding protection of carbon sinks such as the ocean and forests? How much are leaders investing in a carbon-neutral economy and how are they ensuring a just transition, making sure not to leave vulnerable and marginalized communities behind? To help journalists delve deeper into these issues and improve their reporting on this topic, EJN is hosting two journalism training workshops in Kolkata India (from 1st – 3rd February) and Johannesburg, South Africa (from 30th January – 1st February). This in-person media training opportunity is provided through EJN’s media project, Pathways to Net Zero in India and South Africa. Earth Journalism, 26 January 2023.

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