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Unlocking Private Sector Involvement in The Green Climate Fund Projects in South Africa: Building an Adaptation Project Pipeline


The National Business Initiative (NBI) and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) are working together to develop a pipeline of adaptation projects for investment.  The project is divided into three phases. Phase 1 is focussed on the capacity building of companies and other stakeholders: we have created several informative videos which provide more information on the topics of climate science, adaptation and finance for sharing internally with your organisations. Phase 2 is about building a community of practice of multiple stakeholders who can work together to identify and scale projects – click here to fill out our webform and join this community of practice. Phase 3, yet to start, is about project implementation. Watch the summary video to learn more.

NBI Adaptation Summary Video

Watch the summary video to understand what “Building an Adaptation Project Pipeline” is all about.

Meet the challenges, act for a climate resilient South Africa

Adaptation Community of Practice 

As part of Phase 2 of the project, SANBI and the NBI are establishing a Community of Practice supported by collaboration convenings to identify specific projects which can contribute towards a national pipeline of adaptation, biodiversity and ecosystem-based adaptation actions. Companies will need to collaborate with each other and with other stakeholders in order to develop projects that are of the sufficient scale required to have a meaningful impact and attract significant investment. 

The collaboration convenings are scheduled to begin in early 2021. 

Kindly complete the form below to participate in the SANBI-NBI Community of Practice collaboration convenings and to receive notifications of upcoming convenings.


Phase 1

Phase 1 of this work grounds us all in the latest information on the climate science, adaptation and finance. Please click the learn more button to watch the exciting videos on these topics.


Phase 2

Phase 2 of this work is focussed on building a community of practice specific project identification, understanding what projects are suitable for adaptation finance and can be combined to provide impact at the necessary scale.  If interested, please click here to sign up to our community of practice.


Phase 3

Phase 3 will shortlist a few high promise projects with which the NBI & SANBI can approach the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for funding. Our ambition is to identify projects requiring US$50 million of funding.

Phase 1

Climate resilience requires organizations to develop adaptive capacity to respond to climate risks and impacts and to realise opportunities, including the ability to respond to transition risks and physical risks.  Phase 1 focused on building the maturity of the business community to channel business expertise and identify suitable biodiversity and ecosystem-based adaptation projects in South Africa that can be implemented at scale. While companies may have existing programmes that support the goals of adaptation and biodiversity-based adaptation, they may not use this terminology internally and may therefore not be aware of other stakeholder efforts in the field.

The NBI and SANBI convened business in a series of rich capacity building sessions covering the latest information on a range of biodiversity, climate resilience, adaptation and climate finance and ecosystem-based adaptation topics.

Building the Capacity of South African Business to Adapt to a Rapidly Changing World

The NBI and SANBI hosted 4 events:  one on climate change science, one on climate finance, one on adaptation finance specifically and one (hosted online because of Covid-19) on biodiversity and ecosystem-based adaptation. We recommend watching the videos in sequence, but you can jump around depending on your particular interests.

Event 1: An Update on the Latest Climate Science with Professor Bob Scholes and Professor Francois Engelbrecht

These videos provide a comprehensive update on the status of the latest climate science with two of South Africa’s leading climate scientists:

The Impacts of Climate Change

Why Southern Africa is a Climate Change Hotspot?

Event 2: An Introduction to and the State of Climate Finance

“There is plenty of money, just not the right projects.” Find out how climate finance is structured and how to access it in the following series of videos. This shortage of projects is particularly acute in adaptation, and even more so when considering the need for biodiversity-based adaptation.

Project Overview and Adaptation Finance Overview

Global Climate Finance Landscape & Domestic Links

Bridging the Adaptation Finance Gap Panel

Event 3: Adaptation Finance Examples and Best Practice

Accessing adaptation finance requires understanding the nuances and complexities of what projects are funded; and why? Join us on a journey through the finance examples and best practice in this next series of videos.

Adaptation and Resilience, a Policy Perspective

Driving Home Adaptation

Climate Smart and Resilient Agriculture

Data to Inform Climate Action Panel Discussion

Eskom’s Climate Adaption and Resilience Journey

Metier’s Climate Adaption and Resilience Journey

Adaptation Project Development Best Practice

Transnet’s Climate Resilience Journey

Event 4: The Role of Biodiversity and Ecosystem-Based Finance

Innovative eco-system based initiatives not only increase biodiversity, they can often save time, money and reduce environmental impact. Find out about some of South Africa’s most innovative climate change adaptation solutions in this next series of videos.

Welcome and Recap of Events

Entry Points for Mainstream Ecosystem Adaptation

Overview of the Ecosystem-based Adaptation in SA

Studies of Practical Adaptation Action

Private Sector Investment in Eco-Restoration

Studies of Practical Adaptation Action

Studies of Practical Adaptation Action

Private Sector Opportunities for Adaptation

Phase 2

A thriving natural environment is fundamental to adaptation in every human enterprise. The natural environment is humanity’s first line of defence against floods, droughts, heat waves and hurricanes. A truly resilient business also works to protect nature and achieve resilient communities.  

Business climate resilience focuses on understanding, assessing and acting – based on physical and transition climate-related risks.

Phase 2 of this SANBI-NBI partnership aims to identify specific projects that can contribute towards a national pipeline of adaptation, biodiversity and ecosystem-based adaptation actions, convening companies who have adaptation-relevant projects into a community of practice to encourage partnerships to scale up projects.

Phase 3

Companies need to adopt resilience strategies that include ambitious measures to adapt to climate change impacts, as well as steps to strategically transform so that they can benefit from new opportunities and address unprecedented risk.  

Phase 3 will shortlist high promise projects for incubation and further development. SANBI and the NBI will provide support to companies in writing proposals for GCF funding for biodiversity and ecosystem-based adaptation projects.

We have created a series of video highlights from the live events. These are short videos with key messages, which can be used in internal comms campaigns:

Find the social media package for Event 1: An Update on the Latest Climate Science (Highlights), here.

Find the social media package for Event 2: An introduction to and the State of Climate Finance (Highlights), here.

Find the social media package for Event 3: Adaptation Finance Examples and Best Practice (Highlights), here.

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