The business case for the NBI is clear. No matter which sector a company operates in or where its expertise lies, one overriding fact applies: ‘Business cannot succeed in a failing society as business thrives when society thrives’. Therefore, long term economic success and social cohesion can only be founded on sustainable approaches to development.

Business continues to face demands to play a broader role in society. Corporate strategy and behaviour is shaped by questions such as the impact of corporations on society, communities and the environment.

There are major opportunities for leading corporations to shape the type of society they will operate in and the strategic context within which they will compete. The NBI’s impact ranges from strategic public policy intervention to demonstrating the business case for action; from practical projects at the micro-level to high-powered partnerships that address issues and constraints, to growth at the macro-economic level.

The NBI focuses on national interests and is agile and flexible in its response to business needs and society’s demands. Its record of accomplishments over more than two decades shows outstanding results in past and current projects that have influenced the lives and businesses of millions of South Africans.

The NBI has excellent links to both South African and international business sectors, as well as with government and civil society at all levels. Members are provided with beneficial networking opportunities on a regular basis.

As the NBI has Public Benefit Organisation Section 18A status, membership fees are defined as donations for tax purposes and are deductible. Additionally, the NBI will allocate your donation to the NBI designated programme that will allow you to optimise on the Black Economic Empowerment Scoring as per the Department of Trade and Industry Codes of Good Practice. The NBI also has a Level 1 BEEE rating.

Our impact is only possible through a strong, active and engaged membership base, which is in essence the NBI. It is only NBI members that give substance to the role of business in shaping a sustainable future, not only through their support of the NBI but through active involvement, based on this mutual drive towards a sustainable and thriving society.

The NBI, as voluntary non-mandated association of companies, mobilising business leadership and resources for specific action/programmes/projects, does not claim to represent the views of its member companies.

Please contact Gillian Hutchings on or 0828064955 to find out more and to join the NBI.